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The OEC Process For Your Project

OEC builds amazing spaces where employees love to work. However, we know that there are a lot of steps between your vision for your project and achieving that reality. All the bits and pieces can become exhausting and disorganized if you don’t have the right team to guide you along the way. At OEC, we use a streamlined process to make sure that your experience with us is as smooth and simple as possible. Our process involves three easy steps: Discover, Design, & Deliver.

Discover: OEC Sales Process

Our team of awesome workplace consultants work hard to discover the problems facing your organization and providing solutions within your space. Hear from workplace consultant, Michelle Giudice, about how she helps guide companies toward success.

Design: OEC Design Process

Once your workplace consultant identifies a solution for your space, our design team steps in to create that space. With our excellent software, we help you visualize your space and make changes to it live. Hear from our Design Manager, Jen Galloway, about how we partner with you to realize your vision.

Deliver: OEC Installation Process

After your designer creates the perfect space for your company, our installation team steps in to deliver an excellent product. This is when your space really comes to life! Our detail-oriented project managers and skilled installers make sure that your furniture and space is constructed to your expectations. Listen as Service Manager, Dan Babbitt leads you through the steps we take to simplify your furniture or construction project.

Want To Connect?

If you have any questions about the OEC Process for creating an amazing space that you will be proud of, learn more about us or contact us today. Our excellent team is ready to answer your questions, give you a showroom tour, or demo a product. Let us be a part of creating your next amazing space.

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