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Breathing New Life Into An Old Building

HUB International refreshes their Boise building by the Train Depot

In 2013, locally owned and operated insurance firm Premier Insurance was at a crossroads. There were a lot of changes happening in the healthcare world, and the successful firm knew they needed help providing their clients with the resources they deserved. So, they brought their four Idaho locations to the table to be acquired by Chicago-based insurance company HUB International. Since then, the newly minted Boise HUB office has doubled its staff from twenty-two employees to forty-five and is still growing. To accommodate this expansion, the company has completely redesigned the second floor of their two-story building on Rose Hill St., next to the Boise Train Depot.

HUB International Collaboration Space
Collaboration Space

The Second Story Renovation

HUB Commercial Broker and Regional Sales Lead Matt Azevedo has played a significant role in the second-story renovation. As manager of the Boise office, he knows how important it is to breathe new life into the previously outdated space. “Not too many exciting things happen in an insurance office, so the change has been fun. We have employees who have been here for fifteen plus years, and maybe never moved chairs within the office. We felt they should have first option to move upstairs. Every one of them took it.” The renovation is excellent not only for its view of Boise’s iconic Train Depot but also for its plethora of natural light and great flow.

HUB Culture

While getting into the space has felt like an eternity, it is already making a positive difference in the culture. “We stayed home for COVID and then were forced to be apart for a remodel, and that doesn’t help our culture and what we are trying to build here in the Boise office. This building is new, it’s fresh, it’s vibrant, and that makes us excited to come back.”

Working With OEC

What took Matt by surprise was the size of the OEC team it took to install everything. “Initially, I couldn’t believe there were twelve guys here installing. You just don’t realize the sheer amount of furniture that it takes to furnish a building of this size. Overall, they were extremely professional, and our Project Manager [Riley Weber] was very thorough. I appreciated that because we are all super busy this time of year, but I could tell that he really cared about the quality of the work he was doing.”

OEC Team Member During Installation

Seeing People Around The Office

Matt’s favorite part of the new office is how easy it is to connect with coworkers, especially after so much time in isolation. “No matter where you are in the new space, you see people. I feel like over the last year we have lost some of the continuity that comes along with simply seeing people and the expressions on their faces, their smiles. Around this office, you can always see people, so I’m excited about the fluidity of the building.

Coming Back To Work

As they settle into their new space, HUB Boise is looking forward to growth and is excited about the productivity that returning to the office will bring them. “We want to keep our clients happy while
getting into the groove of coming back to work.”

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