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Our History

For over 30 years, Create Spaces (formerly OEC and Machabee) has been creating amazing interior workspaces. We have a professional staff of knowledgeable workplace consultants, detail-oriented designers, and hard-working construction and install teams. At Create Spaces we value trust, respect, we seek to make a difference and always pursue excellence. Our values are entrenched in every part of what we do, whether we are working on a commercial office, educational building, healthcare space, or government facility.


Our Process


Our experienced sales consultants work hard to accurately identify the problems your business is facing and fix them within the confines of your space. Whether they are visiting your site or discussing your vision, you can trust that your sales consultant has your company’s best interest in mind. Their deep industry knowledge and great communication ensures that your feedback will be heard and applied to create an environment where your business can flourish.

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Your business is unlike any other, with a unique culture and workflow. Why would you let the layout of your building determine how you do business? A space done right not only supports individual focus work, but also provides room for meaningful connection between colleagues. Reconfiguring your space to better meet the needs of your workforce is a great way to help your company meet its potential. We can help create a space where people can be effective at their jobs that appeals to multiple generations. When you have a cohesive and effective space where people enjoy working, you are going to have must better retention of your talent.


Choosing an experienced furniture installation company is a vital part of ensuring your space is installed correctly and without incident. Unfortunately, when businesses use inexperienced and uncertified installers it often results in damaged furniture and property, voided warranties, and delays. That is why experience matters and Create Spaces has over 30 years of it. Our team of creative problem solvers pay careful attention to detail to make sure you are satisfied with your project. 

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Create Spaces provides a variety of services to meet your project’s needs. Whether you are looking for a complete design and installation of your office furniture, or need to relocate your existing furniture, Create Spaces can help. We make it our priority to get your business up and running with minimal disruption and no surprises. Our experience, professionalism, and commitment to your satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competition. Our services include: