Prefab Walls


From demountable and operable walls to window coverings and storage solutions, we add quality, speed, and efficiency to any project. We’re on a mission to simplify the building process and deliver cost certainty by building flexible solutions for your workplace. 

Red Folder Dual Private office

Demountable walls define space and redefine the role vertical real estate plays in today’s workplace. They improve the work environment by providing true acoustical privacy while also hosting technology and provide increased visibility and light.  We design and build a wide variety of interior spaces and can reconfigure existing walls as well.

Operable Walls

Operable walls help you create flexibility in your space. Whether you want a large open space, or multiple small rooms, operable walls make it easy to create sound controlled separation. 

operable walls

Window Coverings

commercial window coverings

Window Coverings

Finding an experienced shade installer can be difficult… Luckily Create Spaces is here for you! Create Spaces is your leader for commercial window covering installation, service, and repair. We work with several top window covering brands to service everything from corporate buildings and healthcare facilities, to government spaces and beyond. We procure and install manual, motorized, touchless automated shades and more. 

Lockers + Storage

Lockers + Storage

Whether in an educational facility, sports complex, industrial warehouse, or employee break room, lockers are effective storage solutions. At Create Spaces, we can procure and install all your locker, shelving, and racking needs. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you on your next project.

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