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Earn $100 Visa Gift Card for every qualified lead.*

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to Create Spaces. Start by entering your and your colleague’s information in the form on the right.

Our Sales Team will reach out

to your referral and determine if they are a qualified lead.*

Get $100 Visa Gift Card

After your referral is considered a qualified lead* your Visa eGift Card will be sent right to your inbox.

Referral Program FAQs

Create Spaces referral program is an exciting opportunity for you to earn a little extra money by referring to Spaces to your colleagues, network, friends, basically anyone that could use Spaces services.

As long as you are not a current Create Spaces employee and over the age of 18 anyone is eligible. You can but don’t need to be a current or past customer.

  1. The person you are referring must be a new customer and/or not a lead of Create Spaces already. Meaning that if we’ve already talked to that person or have them in our database, they aren’t a qualified lead.
  2. The person you are referring must have the authority and the budget to make a purchase for office furniture, audio, visual or any other service Spaces provides.
  3. The person you are referring must be in a location where Create Spaces can provide services. 
  4. The person you are referring is looking to get things rolling with our services or starting the process pretty soon—either right now or in the near future.
  5. Sorry, but you can’t refer yourself.

You can expect a Visa eGift Card in your inbox within the next 60 days. We just want to double-check that the referral you sent our way is a perfect fit before we hit send on that gift card. Your reward is almost on its way – just a bit of behind-the-scenes magic happening!


Create Spaces reserves the right to interpret and make final decisions on all matters related to the referral program, including eligibility, rewards, and any disputes.