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From Phoenix To The Treasure Valley

The Treasure Valley housing market is growing like crazy, and land master-planned community developer M3 Companies is doing its best to help keep up with demand. Founded in Arizona and based out of Phoenix, M3 has recently focused its time and energy on Idaho. “Boise is like Phoenix 20 years ago when Phoenix was growing really fast,” says M3 Companies Executive Director of Finance, Tom Cervino. As red tape and prices increased on land in Arizona, the company began to focus its energy on the Treasure Valley. With land readily available and infrastructure already supporting it, all M3 had to do was negotiate with the farmers.

M3 Companies Collaboration Space
Collaboration Space

Communities & Builders

Now M3 Companies is responsible for developing local communities, including RedHawk Ridge in Nampa, SpurWing Heights in Meridian, Valor in Kuna, Riverstone in Star, and Boulder Point in the East Boise Foothills to name a few. Many of these communities include amenities like pools, clubhouses, and excellent golf courses. With so many projects going on at once, working closely with local builders is essential. The builders will often choose a specific number of lots they want to buy. Once all the interested builders have chosen their lots M3 sells the lots through a lottery system to keep the process fair.

The New Office

M3 can manage their properties with a much smaller team by selling to the builders rather than the end customer. When the company first started developing land in Idaho, most of the staff lived in Arizona. Now things have shifted, with Boise becoming the hub while a few stragglers remain in Arizona. To accommodate the growth, M3 has moved into a larger office. Now they have private offices, a central collaborative space, and a conference room where they can have their lottery meetings with builders. It was also important that their new space is along the Boise Greenbelt. “When the bosses come into town, they usually stay in a condo nearby and like to ride their bikes along the Greenbelt. It is also a really convenient location for meeting with builders, engineers, designers, and those flying in.”

M3 Companies Conference Room
Conference Room

Staying Mobile

As a land developer, it is essential to stay mobile. While many industries shut down for the pandemic, the housing market continued full steam ahead, so the staff needed workstations that could support their needs in both the office and the field. “With our new desks we can plug our laptops or taking them home with us. We have also been putting our height-adjustable desks to good use by standing more. Other than the conference room, the desks are my favorite things in the office.”


With a new office and great communities underway throughout the valley, M3 Companies is determined to keep growing. They plan to follow the same model they started in Arizona, stay on the edges of growth and build there. Together with local builders, they will continue to develop quality communities where people are excited to live.

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