Layton's Integrity: Tracey & Jason

Layton + ICS: Constructing With Integrity

Layton Construction has been in business for almost 70 years. It has grown from a small, family-held construction company to a major Contractor operating in eight states. Idaho is just one of the states where Layton’s Interior Construction Specialists (ICS) branch operates. To learn more about Layton and the incredible team at ICS, OEC met with ICS Senior Project Manager Tracey Felix and Layton’s Superintendent Jason Horst at an active job site in Meridian.

Dark To Dazzling

At the moment, Elase Medical Spa is a 3,400sf gray jungle of metal framing. However, in the fall of 2022, it will be a dazzling white, high-ceilinged consultation and treatment center offering high quality services with everything from BOTOX and CoolSculpting to skincare and laser hair removal. This Meridian branch will be Elase’s fifth location, with the other four currently in the Salt Lake region.

The project is a design-build, and even as Tracey gives the tour, there are decisions she is making with the owner. What kind of bottle filler do they want, how can they get the most usable space out of their storage room, and how will OEC install the gauzy blue curtain in their lobby? Having a trustworthy construction partner like ICS is what brings customers back time and again.

Layton's Integrity: Elase Med Spa Sugar House Location
Elase Medical Spa: Sugar House Location

Local ICS Projects

ICS was founded in 2000 to supply the demand for sophisticated, quality tenant improvement and remodeling services. Since its founding, ICS has become the Top TI Contractor in the Intermountain West. It’s not just Elase that has built a trusting relationship with ICS over the years – companies like Traeger Grills, Google, Pluralsight, Zions Bank, and Workday, to name a few – have partnered with ICS time and again to ensure the most quality, predictable outcome. ICS expanded to Denver, Colorado in 2018 and last year, officially opened an office in the busy Boise market.

The Key To Success: Hiring the Right Team Members

What is the key to their success? It differs depending on whom you ask. Tracey says, “I think it is the fairness to subcontractors. We want to see them succeed and that is why we are so particular about whom we hire.”

Jason plays off Tracey, adding integrity as a significant factor. “We always want to do the right thing and hire people with integrity. We don’t cut corners, and we want to get it right the first time by communicating with owners.”

Layton’s Integrity

Layton headquarters would be proud of these two. According to their value statement, Layton’s goal is to construct with integrity through honesty, safety, unity, and quality. Honesty includes having sometimes hard but truthful conversations with owners to make good decisions.

They are also intensely dedicated to the safety of their teams. Their teams stretch and flex every morning and conduct random safety checks to ensure everyone is compliant. Layton also implements unity through mutual respect and guarantees quality by paying close attention to the details.

Layton's Integrity: Med Spa under construciton.
Layton’s project team at work

Celebrating Their Staff

By staying true to these values, Layton and, by extension, ICS retains excellent talent. For example, the Elase Job Superintendent has been with the company for over fifteen years. Layton also celebrates their staff on their five-year anniversaries by giving them a paid trip. Their teams work hard, and they take care of their teams in return.

When considering the fantastic work Layton and ICS are doing on its projects, it is no wonder Elase has chosen to partner with them again. Under the watchful eye of ICS and Layton, Elase will be having its grand opening in no time.

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