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Just Add Sprinkles Or Goats

My wife has been putting sprinkles on the bananas so my son will eat them. I know this isn’t probably the best idea of all time, and we definitely don’t win a parenting award, but we are struggling to get him to eat his fruits and vegetables. So we had to be a little creative and add something he likes (everybody loves sprinkles) to something he doesn’t really like to get him to do eat it. 

Well, I guess I did something similar this week. I tried yoga for the first time. I’ve heard it would be good for me as a runner. I’ve heard it would help me relax. So I decided to add goats (everybody loves goats, right?) to yoga and gave it a try. And guess what? I loved it. 

Scott Goats
President Scott Galloway at Goat Yoga with five architecture and design firms

OEC hosted a goat yoga event with five architectural firms. Not only was it a ton of fun, but I think it was good for me. Now the question is do I always need goats to do yoga? Have fun and try something new, even if you have to add sprinkles.         

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