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Looking For Leg Room

Outgrowing your house is painful. There comes a point when the space you once thought you could never fill becomes cramped and uncomfortable. Many families have felt this throughout time. The twist is that SRA is not a typical growing family but a business that has outgrown the converted house it has been inhabiting.

SRA Converted House
Original Office: A Converted House In Meridian

SRA provides a mix between finance and insurance. Like how individuals set aside money in a tax-deferred 401k account for retirement, SRA utilizes a tax code called 831b that helps businesses set aside tax-deferred money for risks that fall outside traditional insurance. In essence, they help
companies to save money for a rainy day.

SRA Creates A New Meaning For Working From Home

Two years ago, SRA moved from its downtown Boise office to the heart of downtown Meridian. They were a small team needing a larger space and liked the idea of converting a house into a place for their business. What used to be the entry became a waiting room, there was an old fireplace in the conference room, and the bedrooms were converted into private and shared offices. The team could enjoy a beautiful patio with a pavilion in the backyard when the weather was nice.

House Conference Room
Original Conference Room With Fireplace

A Phased Move

Unfortunately, like any growing family, it did not take long for SRA to outgrow their adorable and historic little house. With rooms filling up and more staff set to join the team, it was time to move. It took a while to find the right fit, but they finally settled on two adjacent suites in Eagle, providing them with five thousand square feet.

The next step was getting the space ready. “We were like fire drill trying to figure out who we were going to use, and with supply chain issues, we needed to decide quickly,” says Marketing Manager/Project Coordinator Bre Cohen. “The OEC team was so responsive and scheduled a meeting right away. We told them our deadlines (which were rushed), so we broke the project into two phases addressing the top priorities first. OEC immediately saw our vision; even the first drafts blew us away.”

SRA New Conference Room
Conference Room

Settling Into Their New Home

The new office is entirely different from the little house SRA is leaving behind. Light wood floors lead down a brightly lit corridor framed by a wall of glass-encased private offices. On the other side are more offices broken up by what the team calls “The Space,” a large collaborative space with a sleek
leather couch, armchair, television, and work table. Directly behind “The Space” and separated by floor-to-ceiling glass is a dazzling conference room with a modern and moody chandelier and oval conference table.

SRA Private Office
Private Office

While SRA continues to function like a family, they are no longer working on top of each other. Instead, they have leg room. With room to breathe and expand, SRA is ready to do what they do best; help businesses protect themselves against risk.

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