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About RVK Investment Advisors in Boise

RVK Investment Advisors is one of the largest independent and employee-owned investment consulting firms in the US. While they are based in Portland, they have recently opened a new office in Boise, ID. The office takes advantage of its ninth-floor view with private offices rimming the perimeter and glass walls and windows allowing a plethora of natural light into the heart of the space. One unique feature of the office is a series of AMQ screens hung from the ceiling to create a visual separation between the lobby and offices.

There is a fair bit of unique art making it into the space as well. The art features local scenes from around Boise including a shot of downtown, Boise state university, and others. Another fantastic addition to the space is a grouping of light green lounge chairs that are perfect for informal meetings or just hanging out between colleagues. Soft seating in the lobby also creates a nice welcoming atmosphere for guests waiting for a meeting with their advisor. They can walk in, sit down and wait, or even meet with their advisor right in the lobby. A coat rack adds to this welcome by giving guests somewhere for them to hang their jackets.

The commercial private offices are a light wood tone which warms up the otherwise blue space. Shelves in offices also give employees a place to display their personal belongings how they like. With such great views of the surrounding city from their floor to ceiling windows, it is wonder they can get any work done at all. When the sun gets too intense, staff can cover the windows using the commercial window coverings procured and installed by the OEC Division 10 construction team. If you like what you see in this space, give us a call today. We will be happy to help you plan your space.

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