Josephine West 2023 Design Trend

2023 Design Trends

Catie Buck has worked in commercial interior design for years, and her passion for the industry recently led her to open her own studio, Josephine West.

Catie Buck 2023 Design Trend
Catie Buck| Interior Designer and Owner of Josephine West Interior Design

” I get so passionate about commercial design. My biggest inspiration simply comes from the business owner and learning about their brand (or business). I can help implement their branding as well as encourage a team culture through the design. It’s a win-win for the owner, investing in their employees and making a lasting impression for their visitors.”

Catie Buck

Between working on multiple tenant improvements, a salon, and a large corporate office, Catie sat down with us to discuss what is trending in 2023 and what is out of style.

Trend 1: Boutique Home-like Spaces.

Team building spaces are great opportunities to add splashes of color to encourage socialization and help work relationships in an upbeat atmosphere. Playful fabrics, and bold artwork can add a casual touch to these social areas. Also, consider home-like, restful, quiet spaces where employees can spend focus time or take breaks throughout the day. The overall design of these spaces should incorporate soothing materials, greenery, and a variety of comfortable furniture options. Acoustic solutions are also important to help reduce noise and/or eliminate distractions.

Trend 2: Muted Tones Contrasted With Bright Colors.

For example, taupe and earth tone colors are in, balanced by pops of bright and saturated colors like raspberry pink or chartreuse.

Trend 3: Quirky Patterns + Unique Textures.

Adding patterns or textures in strategic places can make a great first impression. I am obsessed with chairs, especially sculptural ones, so adding a beautiful chair is terrific. Combine that with punches of color, and you can make the space look more interesting and

Outdated Trend: Gray is out!

Use medium warm + cool tones instead.

Ehron Baskin 2023 Design Trend
Ehron Baskin | Senior Design Associate NCIDQ | Design Collaborative, Inc.

Ehron Baskin has been in the design industry for over thirty years, working in residential and
commercial design with Design Collaborative, Inc. She is fairly new to the Treasure Valley and growing her local clientele while designing remotely for projects in California.

“My favorite space to design is a lobby. It is the first thing people see when they enter a space, and you get to set the tone and create a feeling when they walk in the room.”

Ehron Baskin

Between trips to California, Ehron met with us to share the trends she loves and which to pass on.

Trend 1: Organic materials, textures, and patterns are in.

That includes mixed materials like wood, stone to create stability, natural colors, plant walls, and floral designs. I like to use these materials as focal points in lobbies, so they make a statement. Geometric patterns like chevrons, honeycombs, and hexagons are also widely used, and lighting is becoming more artistic.

Trend 2: Collaboration is on the rise, and minimalism is preferred.

I am working with a group of engineers, and they do not want high cubicle walls. They want to see each other, talk and collaborate with as little separation as possible. They also don’t want much stuff on their desks and keep everything they need in a small storage space.

Trend 3: Businesses are adding dedicated health and wellness rooms.

Whether it is a space for a nursing mother, a private conversation, or a small collaboration space, companies are creating spaces where employees can get away to sit in quiet.

Outdated Trend: Gray’s are out, and we are moving to warm tones. Matte finishes are replacing shiny ones, and while fluorescent colors are making a scene, I’ve lived that already and would probably pass on it.

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