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Be Nice, Laugh & Connect

The other day my wife had a hard day at work. When she got home, she announced, “We aren’t making dinner tonight, we are going out”. We quickly rounded up the kids and headed over to Costa Vida, our favorite “go to” restaurant around the corner. While in line we caught up on the day with the kids. The kids told stories of what is happening in school, and my wife and I shared what was happening in our lives at work. We laughed, joked, listened to one another, it was a very normal family dinner conversation for us. During the family catch up, an older gentleman behind us in line leaned in and asked if he could share something. After a slight hesitation I said sure, and to go ahead. He told us he lived in Eastern Idaho and was a District Court Magistrate Judge. He told us what was happening in our family waiting in line—laughing, sharing, listening—was a joy to hear. He said he oftentimes hears family and marriage-related cases that involve all kinds of unimaginable vitriol, violence, and unkindness. He admonished our teens how lucky they were to have parents who liked each other and were kind and friendly. We enjoyed conversing with him in line and when we got to the register he insisted on buying our family dinner. As I have reflected on this experience during the past week a few things have come to my mind I was hoping to share. 1) Be nice to each other—especially your family. 2) Have fun and laugh, it’s contagious and can uplift others. 3) Be sure to take time to get out of the house and the office and connect with others—it’s an important part of the human experience we are all sharing.

Scott Galloway

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