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The Best Video Conferencing Platform for Business

The best video conferencing platform depends on your business’s specific needs. The usage amount and features needed for remote meetings range. The simplest solution is Zoom, and Microsoft Teams is more exclusive to business-related features. If your business is looking for a platform that is designed for team meetings and conferences, Microsoft Teams is the best platform for you. Microsoft Teams offers business-related features such as unlimited group meetings for up to 30 hours, anytime phone and web support, file sharing, tasks, polling, data encryption, and whiteboards.

On the other hand, if your business is looking for a platform with basic features that work for both business and personal usage, Zoom is a great platform because it offers most of these features such as large-scale meetings, screen sharing, chat features, and 24-hour help, but is not focused on offering all in one access to users such as calendar integration and file access. Each business’s needs differ, so it is important to research the differences in each video conferencing platform before subscribing to it.  

Privacy and Security on Video Conferencing Platforms 

When choosing which video conferencing platform is best, focus on the privacy and security features of each platform. This protects your business’s private information, and the user’s information. Teleconferencing platforms focus on security and privacy for their users. They are seen as relatively safe because it is important to them that their customers feel comfortable using their services. Video conferencing security should be a priority when choosing which platform is right for your business.

Platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams ensure privacy in many ways. Some examples include when the host is notified someone is trying to join the call, which offers another step of security and privacy for the meeting. Additionally, when screen recording is on during a meeting, it notifies all users in the conference, so they are aware. Before joining a meeting, a meeting ID and password is required. Lastly, ensuring encryption on calls, chats, and shared files protects your business.

Are Large-Scale Virtual Meetings/Webinars Possible on Video Conferencing Platforms? 

Developers designed video conferencing platforms for large-scale virtual meetings or webinars. Conferencing platforms have transformed the business world by offering remote working and team meetings in the comfort of homes and different offices around the globe. Hosts can send out a meeting ID and password to large numbers of users where they can then join the video conference very simply. During these webinars and large-scale virtual meetings, the host can share presentations and create breakout rooms to engage users in the conference. By being able to hold large-scale virtual meetings, businesses are saving money by reducing traveling expenses and saving time for having to host events. Features offered on these platforms make successful interactions possible remotely, most businesses say that it has increased productivity and overall employee and company well-being.  

How to Successfully Host Large-Scale Virtual Meetings and Webinars 

To host a large-scale virtual meeting successfully, you must prepare adequately and remain focused on the goal of the webinar. To ensure useful interactions, hosts should make clear points and engage users through features like breakout rooms, polls, and chats. It is important to familiarize yourself with the tools and features that your video conference platform offers. Do this beforehand to avoid any technological difficulties and confusion.

Although video conferencing technology has greatly improved online communication, any technology can have some downsides. It is important to be patient and to clearly explain to users how the technology works. This is very important because although video conferencing platforms seem similar, some users aren’t familiar with the different features. Users should hold shorter, more frequent video webinars and conferences to be more successful. Video conferencing saves users time and energy compared to long, unengaging meetings.

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How OEC Can Help Your Business 

At OEC, our goal is to provide businesses with the tools to make them the most successful. Our team offers support and guidance to companies. We help them choose the right video conferencing technologies so they can be their most successful. Contact us to let us help you grow your business to reach its full potential.  

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