Bluberi: It’s A Team Sport

Thirty years ago, Bluberi was a small company in Drummondville, Quebec creating games for slot machines. Today, it is a complete slot machine manufacturer and game designer with 200 employees throughout the US and Canada. It wasn’t until 2022 that the company began its rapid growth. The combination of coupling tenured industry leaders with the already talented Bluberi team was the recipe to begin seeing substantial success. Here to tell us all about their rapid growth and new office in Las Vegas is Chief Operating Officer, Steve Kohon.

Bluberi Showroom
Bluberi’s New Showroom

20,000 s.f. office and warehouse to 85,000 s.f.

While Steve started at Bluberi in the sales department, he now oversees the operations, service and IT teams. So, when the team began to outgrow their building, he was the one best suited to help them relocate. “Our previous space was 20,000 s.f. which included the warehouse and the office. As we grew it became a struggle to support our production in the warehouse and team members in the office.” They eventually resorted to shared desks and specific in-office days for office staff. To remedy the problem Bluberi found an 85,000 s.f. space and decided to invest in all new furniture and equipment. As Steve says, “Our team members deserve the best of the best.” After releasing an RFP and entertaining multiple companies, Create Spaces won the deal.

“Our team members deserve the best of the best.”

-Steve Kohon, COO
Bluberi Before 1
Bluberi Before 2
Bluberi’s Previous Office Space

Vision: Create a place to be proud of

The Bluberi management team wanted to create a place where all the team members would be proud to work. Therefore, the floor plan was designed to help teams interact with each other and further their culture of collaboration. “The space is designed like a racetrack with the executive leaders sitting with their teams rather than being locked away in a secret hallway. There are also no silos between
departments, and everyone’s voice is heard. I think that company culture is what sets us apart.”

“It has truly taken a village to make all this happen…”

-Steve Kohon, COO

Bluberi Reception
New Reception

Designing a space that supports the culture

Where the previous Bluberi office had rooms pulling double-duty, they now have plenty of spaces for all their needs with technology that makes it easy to schedule. Not only is the space more functional, but it is also very colorful with bright blues and pinks livening up the environment and reflecting the brand’s playful colors. As the employees settle into their new office good things are happening. No more sharing desks, rather, everyone has a dedicated workspace. The teams are seeing great ideas coming out of everyone being in the office together. “I didn’t realize how much went into all of this when I took on the project. It has truly taken a village to make all this happen and Denisse and the Create Spaces team have done a great job.”

Bluberi Conference Room
New Conference Room

Following their core values into future success

With everyone back in the office and collaboration at a high, Bluberi is excited for the future. “One of our company core values is ‘Celebrate Wins But Never Satisfied.’ the other is ‘It’s A Team Sport’. So, this office is definitely a win, but now we want to take it to the next level and do what we set out to do.”

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