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Most of the time, when wealth management is mentioned, the first thought that comes to mind is managing portfolios. That is not the case at BR Wealth Management. Managing Principal of BRWM Brian Randolph and Client Associate Hailey Duncan sat down with OEC to discuss how their exciting new office project is setting their business up for success.

What Makes BR Wealth Management Unique

Unlike most financial advisory firms, BRWM focuses on blending investment management with financial planning. “We call the combination of those two pieces wealth management, and that combination gives our clients the best financial outcome,” says Brian. For anyone walking in their door for the first time, BRWM has a solution that fits everyone’s needs. However, they first ensure they are the right fit by learning about the client’s goals, objectives, and concerns before developing a plan to help. The company is unique in its multi-generation aspect of wealth management. “Most of our clients are second or third-generation clients, and we hope to be a quasi-family office for them and their future generations.”

Teamwork plays a critical role at BRWM. While each member of the six-person staff has a different specialty, they all work together to serve a family unit. This collaboration allows them to give their clients the best service possible and makes the staff feel like one big family.

Executive Lounge
Executive Office

A Blessing In Disguise

What BRWM did not expect recently was the sudden need to move that family to a new location. “Our lease was ending,” says Hailey, “and we had to find a new location quickly. However, what started with a move based on necessity quickly became an opportunity to design a space that better fit our needs. It was a blessing in disguise.” Fortunately, the new space offered BRWM a clean palate. “I wanted a welcoming space that felt like home but was still a great place to work. We wanted more open space, light, plants, comfortable seating, and individual spaces for people to work privately or collaborate in the open. Cailey [Workplace Consultant] and the OEC team helped us flush that out,” says Brian.

The company was working under a tight timeline, but with Cailey’s help, they met all their deadlines.

Hailey Duncan
Client Associate

What started as a potentially stressful experience was quickly fixed by Cailey and OEC.

Hailey Duncan, Client Associate

Hailey shares, “Cailey covered the different types of furniture we needed and showed us all the possible finishes. We landed on some light veneer for our desking and a lot of blue, soft seating that looks
modern and reflects our branding.”

The Difference Between Offices

BRWM Before Office
Old Meeting Room

The old space BRWM worked in was old, dated, and had the classic wealth management feel with dark colors and rich mahogany. While the offices are roughly the same size, the new layout gives staff privacy within their own offices as well as conference rooms and spaces for open collaboration. One such space, the lounge, is Hailey’s personal favorite, while Brian loves the informal conference room.

Brian Randolph
Managing Principal

Fortunately for me, helping clients meet their financial goals is my passion, so this job doesn’t feel like work. Being in this space is great because it’s both welcoming to older generations and innovative and fun enough for younger ones.”

Brian Randolph: Managing Principal
BRWM Collaboration lounge
New Collaboration Space + Lounge

Ready For Growth

Now that they are settling into their beautiful new office, BRWM is ready to dive into growth mode. “Our main focus for the next decade-plus is on growth and continuing to serve our multiple generations of clients,” Brian shares. “Fortunately for me, helping clients meet their financial goals is my passion, so this job doesn’t feel like work. Being in this space is great because it’s both welcoming to older generations and innovative and fun enough for younger ones. It brings in the technology we need for conference calls and the comfort of having casual conversations and sometimes heated or difficult conversations about the decisions clients need to make over time. This is a great space, and we’re looking forward to growing in it while we help our clients reach their goals.”

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