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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

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About the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has a great student union building with some beautiful new furniture. When the University decided to update their student union common area, they reached out to Create Spaces for help. Full of different lounge settings from personal tables, booths, planters, lounge chairs, and benches, students have so many places to relax, eat, study, or socialize. In fact, many students were using the new spaces before all the furniture was even installed!

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College of Southern Idaho Brody

College of Southern Idaho (CSI)

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About College of Southern Idaho Library

To spruce up their library seating and provide new study postures for students, the College of Southern Idaho installed brand new Steelcase Brodys and Agati Study Pods. These study pods give students privacy, and desk, and even allow some of them to lounge as they work. Need to collaborate with friends? The Agati study pod supports that too! See the next project…

BSU Materials Research Building

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About BSU's Materials Research Building

Funded by Micron, Boise State University’s beautiful Materials Research Building gives students an opportunity to excel in their field. The building is the largest gift in the history of the university. The building will allow for students to manufacture technology, new materials, conduct cancer research, energy studies, space and aeronautics, and develop new sensors and microelectronic devices. OEC furnished many of the common areas with lots of great fabrics and Boise State blues.

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Cole Valley Computer Lounge

Cole Valley Christian

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Cole Valley Christian High School Library

The Cole Valley Christian Meridian campus is home to five hundred 7th – 12th grade students.  This building was the original Meridian City Hall, which means it has some very interesting architecture features.  

The library features Steelcase Glass Privacy Wall and soft seating, chairs, and other furniture from AIS.

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Idaho State University

Featured Project


About the ISU Health Services Space

The ISU Meridian campus is home to more than 500 students who are in a variety of health-related programs.  The newly remodeled space in this project features Steelcase furniture.  Interior Design for this project was provided by CSHQA.  Furniture selection and implementation managed by Michelle Giudice from the OEC team.

The library, which is well used by students, is an excellent example of how intentional furniture design can make a good space great. The acoustical ceiling features are beautiful as well as functional. 

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Outdoor Furniture, Student Wellness Center

North Idaho College

North Idaho College


About the Project

North Idaho College is located in beautiful Coeur D’Alene Idaho.  The college was established in 1933.  During the past decade, the college has done a superb job at updating existing student and faculty spaces as well as building new ones.    The photos on this page are of the newly built DeArmond Building as well as the Student Wellness and Recreation Center.  

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nnu library

NNU Learning Commons

Featured Project

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About NNU Learning Commons

OEC helped Northwest Nazarene University outfit their beautify library, the Leah Peterson Learning Commons. The over 100 year university previously has a small outdated space to hold their plethora of books. Now they have two stories of space for both books, studying, and socializing. OEC provided furniture for meeting rooms along the perimeter of the building, corner nooks for studying, and lounge furniture in common areas like their café, The Bean. This two-story building is a beautiful space for students to learn and grow on campus.

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