3M Di-NOC: Dark + Dated to Bright + Inviting

Signs2U is a locally owned and family-run small business that has been operating since 2007. They handle everything to do with branding for businesses, including vehicle wraps, large electrical signs, outdoor signs, and more. About five years ago, Signs2U expanded into 3M Di-NOC architectural film, a thick vinyl product that can conform around objects. While Di-NOC has many LEED-certified indoor and outdoor applications, it is especially good at refreshing interior spaces like elevators, walls, cabinetry, and more.

Refreshing the Morrison Center

Signs2U recently completed two Di-NOC projects worth highlighting. First is the Morrison Center project. After many years of hosting events, the Morrison Center staff decided some parts of the building needed a refresh. They contacted local contractors to find out how much it would cost to replace some of the concession counters. After receiving some quotes, someone had the brilliant idea of wrapping the existing furniture.

“The Morrison center reached out to us for help, and we suggested using Di-NOC,” says Signs2U President and Co-Owner Karen Warner. “With over one-thousand product options, the hardest part was settling on the right style.”

The Morrison Center chose a quartz-style countertop and dark gray wood grain wrap for the full alcove. Wrapping all three floors took only three days. In the end, the Morrison Center received a beautiful refresh at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Morrison Center Before 3M Di-NOC Architectural Film
Morrison Center Before
Morrison Center After
Morrison Center After

Hosting A Local Showcase

The second project was unique. Due to its transformational abilities, Di-NOC is an excellent addition to the commercial interiors world and, by extension, OEC’s product lineup. To showcase this product’s capabilities, OEC partnered with Signs2U to show local architects, designers, and facilities managers what the vinyl film can do by refreshing OEC’s showroom elevator. In one day, Signs2U took a dark, dated space and made it bright and inviting.

Di-NOC installation
Left to Right: Signs2U Di-NOC installer Steven, Designtex Di-NOC Representatives Tracy and Deborah

What Makes Di-NOC Unique

However, not everyone can do this installation. “Di-NOC is a unique product. People like to think it is like buying a roll of contact paper, but they are very different. Di-NOC is very durable, you can patch and repaired it quickly, and the manufacturer recommends installation by a 3M endorsed installer,” says Karen. Signs2U is an endorsed local installer, making them an essential part of the showcase.

Di-NOC is very durable, can be patched and repaired quickly, and the manufacturer recommends installation by a 3M endorsed installer.

Karen Warner
Karen Warner at OEC Installation

Whether you are an interior designer interested in an outdoor covered installation, or a facilities manager wrapping cabinetry, Di-NOC is an excellent product. Even better, OEC can help you find the perfect finish before partnering with Signs2U on the installation. Are you ready to get wrapping?

OEC Elevator Before Di-NOC
OEC Elevator Before
OEC Elevator After

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