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The Power of Intentionally Designed Spaces

A single room can do a lot for an organization. Whether that is reinforcing company culture or creating a sense of trust with clients. Today we highlight two spaces from different companies and how these intentionally designed rooms help each company meet its goals.

Reinforcing Culture Within A Physical Space

Accenture is an international company with thousands of employees across numerous offices. Establishing a unified culture across so many different offices can be a major feat. The photo here is a great example of how to do reinforce a culture within a physical space.

intentionally designed accenture space
Open Workspace

Pictured above is an open workspace doing a few important things for its employees.

  1. It provides a place for multiple individuals and teams to work in a collaborative environment. Seeing coworkers easily and sitting in close proximity to them can help create camaraderie and provide a sense of belonging.
  2. This workspace is equipped with t audio visual technology. Introducing technology to a space allows teams to easily collaborate and work through projects together furthering their company’s goals.
  3. Vinyl decals reinforce the company’s values. Along the back wall is imagery putting the company focus front and center for employees to see and remember daily. No organization can create a strong culture without multiple avenues of reinforcement.

How To Create A Modern, High Class Space

Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) recently started a Wealth Management Division on the first floor of its Member Service Center West location in Meridian. Unlike most of their installations, this office has a unique look and feel. The space pictured below is a great example of how to intentionally design a modern, and timeless work environment in which to welcome wealthy individuals.

ICCU Wealth Management Large Private Office
Large Private Office

Three important design details make this space work.

  1. Dark, rich finishes. ICCU harkens back to the dark finishes of wealth management companies by selecting dark wood for this private office. At the same time, they have chosen a color that is timeless and a desk that is highly functional.
  2. Cool tones. While blues and greens are very on brand for ICCU, bringing cool tones into a space help create a sense of calm in an environment. It is a welcoming color that contrasts well with the darker finishes.
  3. Lighting with glass walls. By installing floor-to-ceiling glass walls, each office has privacy without losing light. Unlike traditional stick-frame walls, the glass creates transparency both physically and psychologically. It also lets the light in while looking sleek and modern.

What can intentionally designed spaces do for your organization?

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