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Get Up & Move: Message From The President

Movement is important in nearly every aspect of your life. Regarding your work life, movement is key to having a healthy, productive, and pain-free work experience. Here are three ways I like to incorporate
movement into my work routine to add variety and give my body a break from sitting in the same position.

Change postures.

This is where furniture can really help. In my situation, I have a height adjustable desk. I move it in four different positions during the day. Regular ergonomic sitting position, standing, perching at my chair armrest, and down low so I can put my feet up. Also, my task chair is ergonomic and has some natural flex and bounce, which helps.

Get up and walk around the office.

Every couple of hours or so, I’ll take an intentional break and go to see somebody different in the office. Sometimes just a quick catch-up at their desk, or I’ll even jump in the car and do a short gas station or coffee run. This week I was feeling a bit antsy and even did a walk around the block. It was pretty hot, so just one loop sufficed.

Change the work location.

I like to work in different areas. Right now, I am sitting upstairs on a soft sofa with my feet up. Not only does this give my body a rest from the typical ergonomic office chair, but it places me in a different physical environment which helps change my mood and clear my mind.

Drop me a line sometime and let me know how you incorporate movement in your work experience.

Keep moving.

Scott Galloway

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