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Namebrand | The Enemy of Intangibles

Namebrand is a promotional product company that is doing things differently. Since its establishment in 2014, Namebrand has evolved from a promotional product company to a branded product design agency. Their primary focus is delivering high-quality products that convey a company’s message through tangible items. Unlike most companies in the promotional product industry, Namebrand is a disruptor with remarkable versatility. By partnering with existing product vendors or utilizing their own manufacturing facilities, they offer a diverse range of customizable options, ensuring they can transform intangible concepts into tangible products.

A Scattered Team 

With a dedicated team consisting of creatives, operations specialists, logistics personnel, warehousing experts, account managers, sales reps, and accountants, Namebrand has experienced steady growth over the years. However, the company faced challenges when it came to its physical workspace. In their previous location, the staff was spread out across five different spaces, occupying separate suites in two buildings. This arrangement often led to inefficiencies and hindered team collaboration, necessitating a change.

Open concept floor plan with private office spaces.
Namebrand’s New Private Office Spaces Using Open Concept

Moving Locations 

Namebrand embarked on the exciting adventure many growing businesses face, moving locations. Collaborating with OEC Workplace Consultant Cailey Ostrowski, Namebrand has transformed its workplace into a vibrant hub that reflects its brand identity and fosters collaboration among its talented team.

When Namebrand’s CEO, Kevin Felgate, decided to relocate, he considered the well-being and productivity of his team. Centralizing the company’s operations and creating a unified space that reflected its brand and culture became the vision. Danny Rosas, the Creative & Marketing Manager, set off to bring the Namebrand brand and company culture to life within a single building. To achieve this, Danny collaborated with the entire staff and Cailey to design a workspace that embodied the company’s vibrant energy and encouraged collaboration.

Namebrand's conference room featuring modern black and wood designs.
Conference Area Featuring Modern Design

The Vision For The New Office 

With double their previous square-footage and a 20-30% increase in warehousing capacity, the new workspace provides ample room for the team. The office layout features a semi-open concept, with private offices lining the perimeter and workstations filling the central area. This design ensures everyone is easily accessible and promotes a sense of unity among employees who previously navigated multiple locations.

Working closely with Cailey, Namebrand created a space that is, as Danny describes it, “modern edgy.” Bold black accents are strategically balanced with natural wood tones and white elements, creating a visually appealing contrast throughout the space. Despite the open concept, Cailey and the Namebrand team found innovative ways to establish defined separation between departments. They did this through furniture configurations or spacial separation. These measures created a sense of structure within the open office, fostering a conducive environment for collaboration and productivity.

Working With OEC 

The collaboration between Namebrand and Cailey was a resounding success. Cailey’s deep understanding of the company’s culture, style, and brand allowed her to advocate effectively on behalf of Namebrand and ensure that every detail of the project aligned with the vision. The result is a workspace that reflects Namebrand’s identity, energizes its team, and supports its continued growth.

A Commitment To Excellence 

As Namebrand continues to lead the product design industry, its new office space exemplifies its commitment to excellence in its products and workplace environment. With its revitalized office space, Namebrand is ready to serve its clients with innovative and visually stunning promotional products. This further solidifies its position as a trusted partner in marketing and branding efforts.

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