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How BYOM Is Making Technology Simple

What should be an organization’s goal when developing collaboration spaces? At OEC technology, we believe the most important part of installing new technology is ensuring employees understand and use it easily. If your room is too complicated, it won’t get used, hurting your business.

BYOM Offers Flexibility

With simplicity and ease of use being the goal, BYOM or “Bring Your Own Meeting” is essential in any organization. Why? BYOM simplifies complex control systems by running all the technology in a room with a single laptop. This allows employees to run any meeting from their device, regardless of the meeting type. This flexibility is important because employees are comfortable and in control when hosting a meeting using their devices. Employees in control are more effective and more inclined to collaborate in hybrid meeting environments.

What to consider when selecting technology:

  • Standardization + BYOM
  • BYOM Exclusively
  • Cost for Each System

The Importance of Standardizing

While BYOM offers flexibility, standardizing on one operating system like Microsoft Teams or Zoom is still a good idea. The main benefits of standardization include ease of training staff to use a single system and IT management of that system. Training a team and managing licenses for a system is much easier if standardized. The primary drivers of standardization are current limitations on technology. While collaboration room technology is improving, it still lacks the ability to flip between platforms. While you may like both Teams and Zoom, the camera bars on the market cannot support both simultaneously. To create the best experience, choosing one is crucial.

BYOM + Standardization

To circumvent this flip issue, standardization in conjunction with BYOM gives users the best of both worlds. If a company standardizes on Teams, they can reserve a room from their calendar, share a Teams meeting, and join that meeting with one touch. If they want to reserve the room without creating a Teams meeting, the room is still reserved, but they can manually connect their device to the camera and microphone bar while hosting, say, a Zoom call. Both options allow the user to access the full functionality of the technology while supporting their precise need.

Choosing The Best Technology For You

When bringing new technology into your space, consider a few things. First, do you want to pick a platform or go BYOM for everything? This is a question about functionality and deciding what works best for your team. Second, there is a cost associated with every platform you choose, so consider how many rooms you will be supporting. Ultimately, the goal is understanding and ease of use for your teams, so choose the technology that will help you succeed.

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