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EKC Construction: Building On Relationships

The year was 1993, and Brian Ellsworth was between construction jobs. He was hanging some sheetrock when Larry Kincaid walked in the door. “You’re not very good at that,” Larry said. “You know, maybe we ought to start a construction company.” Although Brian’s sheetrock skills may have been lacking, his construction management skills were stellar, and when paired with Larry’s field experience, a great partnership began, and EKC Construction was born.

Type of Construction

EKC Construction does a variety of work, from minor tenant improvements to sizeable pre-engineered metal buildings. They work with several public agencies, Boise city and county, the State of Idaho, federal agencies, school districts, and private companies. While most of their work is in the commercial realm, they do the occasional residential project for a repeat customer. One of the first projects they did was Bear Creek Lodge at the base of Brundage.

Working with Clients

However, if Brian had his way, he would love to do more design-build projects, especially with EKC’s partnership with Butler (one of the first pre-engineered building companies around). “Using the back of a napkin, I can help the client figure out what a building will cost from schematic design to construction drawings. Sometimes these projects take a couple of years to go from the back of the napkin to an erected building. That’s the type of project I really like.”

EKC Projects

EKC is working on a couple of such projects right now. The first is a remodel of Joe’s Crab Shack, nestled beside the Boise River. Over the years, the building has gone into disarray and EKC has been tasked with restoring and reimagining it. They are paying a lot of attention to the existing architecture while transforming it into an upscale Ling & Louie’s that should open in May. They are also constructing a new brewery in downtown Eagle that will be a great addition to the city.

EKC Construction Principal, Brian Ellsworth at Ling & Louie's
EKC Principal Brian Ellsworth at Ling & Louie’s Project

Projects around Idaho

Some of EKC’s larger projects extend beyond the Treasure Valley. They are working in McCall with
Idaho Power and doing a design-build with a plumbing supply company in Twin Falls. A unique project is a Jewish center in Boise called a Chabad, where they will funnel rainwater collected from the roof into a pool used for rituals. Medical facilities also make up a large part of EKC’s client base, and they have been happy to frequently partner with St. Alphonsus, Sagala, and Full Circle.

Chabad Groundbreaking with EKC Construction
Chabad Groundbreaking

Growth Over The Years

Since 1993, EKC has grown from a two-man show to 24 people. Larry and Brian worked together for seventeen years until Larry stepped away and Brian took the helm. Today, Brian owns 51% of the company. The remaining 49% is owned by two key employees. This allows him to stay at the helm while teaching everyone about the lessons he has learned over the last twenty-seven years. Because EKC is purely a general contractor and management company, they partner with First Call, a construction worker, and carpentry company, to self-perform some of the work.

What Makes EKC Unique

To grow your business in a competitive market, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. EKC’s unique offering is how much they concentrate on personal relationships with their clients and use the best technology available to manage projects. “We are state of the art regarding what is available to run projects. While there are bigger companies, we strive to be more personal. Here you will work with one of the principles. We don’t strive to be the biggest company, but we do strive to be the best.”

Being The Best

EKC also has a unique definition of what it looks like to be the best. Something extremely important to Brian is supporting the community, specifically how it grows. “I served on planning and zoning as a
volunteer for nine years and then on various nonprofit boards. When growth happens fast, it is hard to control. Boise has a lot of recreational opportunities that don’t exist in other places. As we grow, we need to protect the things that make Boise special. I believe we can help with that as a company.”

Whether reimagining an old restaurant or constructing a massive medical facility, EKC looks forward to building spaces of importance one project at a time.

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