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Creating High Performing Hybrid Collaboration Spaces

4 Design concepts to consider when it comes to creating amazing modern collaboration spaces.

With the proliferation of hybrid and work-from-home strategies, it’s likely a high percentage of meetings today involve one or more remote participants. Conference, huddle, and focus rooms should be designed to accommodate both remote and in-person collaboration

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1. Simplicity

One Cord Or One Touch
Your user should be able to start a meeting either by plugging in one cord to their own device or by touching one button.

Collaboration rooms should be easy to schedule from a phone, computer, or right at the room scheduling console device.

Supplies Are Easy To Find
Supplies such as dry erase markers, hdmi dongles, and room sanitization materials should always be accessible in the room.


2. Aesthetics

Branding + Design

  • Does the furniture match?
  • Does the design look intentional?
  • How does the room reinforce company branding and values?
  • Beyond furniture, consider the walls, flooring, and lighting as opportunities to give your space personality and interest.

Clean + Neat
All equipment/supplies not currently in use should be hidden away nicely. Avoid using furniture that scratches easily or shows fingerprints.

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3. Cameras + Acoustics

Room + Camera
Position your furniture so each participant’s face can be clearly seen on camera. Choose cameras that show individuals and groups.

Wall treatments will reduce echo in the room and prevent voices from carrying into unwanted spaces. Sound masking can
control sound outside of rooms.

Microphones + Speakers
Make sure your microphones and speakers are distributed evenly throughout the room.

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4. Functionality

Collaboration spaces should be functional, meaning they should perform just as good as they look. Here are some general and furniture-specific functionalities:

  • How many people in the room?
  • Length of meeting for this room?
  • Do you want a formal or casual setting?
  • Does this room need storage?
  • How will the technology integrate into the furniture?
  • Will you need specific cut outs in the
  • furniture or walls for power or data?
  • Is the furniture easy to clean?

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