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Gen Z (born 1997-2012), the youngest generation in the workplace now, is growing up in a hyper-connected, diverse world and is challenging traditional structures and values in the workplace. It may defy conventional wisdom to learn that Gen Z places more importance on the office than previous generations. Here’s what matters most to Gen Zers, according to Steelcase global research.

Gen Z is reshaping the workplace and works in the office more than any other generation

Generation Z will represent almost a third of the global workforce by 2025* and will play a big role in shifting attitudes and perceptions.

Work-life balance and learning and development opportunities ranked highest in choosing an employer


“Quiet Quitting” doesn’t mean a lack of engagement to them, it means creating boundaries between work and the rest of their lives.


Low compensation was the number one cited reason for leaving their jobs in the last two years.**


Top reason to come to the office are about interactions.


Employer values that align with their own. Company’s sustainability initiatives will be critical to talent acquisition and retention in the future.***

  • **2022 Deloitte survey amonth 23,200 Generation Z and Millennial workers (born between 1996-2010 and 1980-1995, respectively) across 46 countries globally
  • ***Steelcase Gen Z Research

Making connections, learning and career development are more important Gen Z in the office

In addition to just getting work done, building relationships is a big reason they show up. Learning and career development are also important.

Gen Z women talking

73% of Generation Z believes space is hightly or extremely important to the effectiveness of the company they work for.

Individual spaces will make the biggest impact for Gen Z

If you want to motivate Generation Z workers to come to the office even more, having an assigned desk ranks highest – which could be about feeling they belong, or simply a pragmatic need tor a place where they can focus best. The top three things they want are:

  • Assigned Workspaces
  • Larger Individual Workspaces
  • More Privacy in Individual Workspaces

Gen Z is more likely to believe the value of the workplace increased over the pandemic

54% compared with 42% of Millenials, 30% of Gen X, and 23% of Boomers

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