Boise Capital Building

The Right Tool For The Job

Have you ever tried to do a job with the wrong tools? Typically, the results take longer and aren’t quite as good as if you had the right tool made for the task. Well, the other day, my wife called me from the Idaho State Capitol. She’s in the House of Representatives for the Idaho State Government. For two months out of the year, she works alongside all the other citizen legislators at the Capitol to make laws for Idaho.

The Wrong Tool

She called me because her state-supplied office chair that came with her small cubicle had no arms and was seemingly purchased at some basement bargain sale. She could only sit in it for short periods of time before getting uncomfortable. Wrong tool for the job. So the other day, I dropped off a task chair from Steelcase for her to use for a few months. Not only is she the envy of the legislators, but she now has a proper tool for the job and can work for extended periods of time in comfort.

Do You Have The Right Tool?

Wherever you work (home, office, Capitol building), take some time to consider your furniture as your tools to do your job. Are you using the right tools? Would an investment in your tools yield more efficient or higher quality work?

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