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The Three Ps To Boost Energy

One of the favorite parts of my job is walking through the building and seeing our 50+ employees engaged in diverse business activities in spaces designed for that purpose. I like to see and feel the energy created when talented people work together to solve problems. High performing businesses are fairly complex to create. But I think there some very basic components of business performance that are universal and formulaic. Here is one formula I think makes sense:

People + Place + Passion = Energy.   P(3) = E

People: the first P in the formula is the talent on your team. The right people doing the right job working in a system that holds them accountable and rewards/recognizes good work.

Place: the second P is the place where people work. The key here is Intentional thought and design about what kind of work happens in the various spaces in the building.

Passion: Is there a company mission people are working towards that is bigger than money or one particular task?

Is your organization leveraging the three Ps that generate energy and help everybody feel more energy?

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