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Building Trust Through Transparency

Message From The President

Building trust is important in every organization. One way to build trust is through transparency. How transparent is your leadership team?

Transparency In Leadership Workspaces

Your space can help increase transparency in an organization. One way is to literally increase transparency; in other words, build spaces where leadership team members can be seen by others during the day. This can be accomplished by placing leader’s workspaces among their team members or by separating them with glass barriers that are fully or semitransparent.

Work Cafe Transparency
OEC Work Cafe and Passion Statement

Displaying Organization Values

Another way to improve transparency is building spaces where you display your company mission, values, goals, and progress. Then reinforce these to team members. This can be done through digital signage, analog signage, whiteboards, and other similar tools that can be placed throughout the space to communicate and reinforce what is happening in the organization.

Start using your space to build transparency today! For more ideas on building transparency in your space, feel free to reach out to myself or my team anytime.


Scott Galloway

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