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Community, Mind, & Comfort

TreanorHL has many offices scattered throughout the United States, but their dedication to sustainable practices unites them all. Whether in their own buildings, or their client’s projects, TreanorHL introduces sustainability through WELL building practices focusing on community, mind, and comfort.

Sustainability Through Community

What is the best way to help your team invest in the community? Give them specific days to go out and serve. Every Valentine’s Day and Juneteenth, TreanorHL gives every employee the day to serve a local charity of their choice. TreanorHL has discovered the vital lesson that where your time and money go, your heart follows. So, by getting to know their community, they can design better, more accessible, and sustainable buildings to serve it.

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TreanorHL Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

Sustainability Through Mind

When it comes to sustainability, “mind” can represent a couple of different things. First, it means the ability to think through problems during design. A recent example of this was the Jasper County Courthouse in Joplin, MO, where TreanorHL conducted a life cycle cost analysis on a geothermal heating and cooling system to discover if the system made economic and long-term sense in the building. The analysis considered all the costs and surmised that while it would cost more, the system would pay for itself in 10-12 years, have minimal maintenance costs, and have a longer life span.

Mind also represents the importance of providing spaces that consider the mental health of occupants to reduce stress, encourage productivity, and contribute socially. Some examples of this include providing restorative spaces easily accessible throughout a building that lend well to social activity, offering great views of nature, and optimizing daylighting. These spaces help keep people connected to nature and one another.

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TreanorHL Volunteer

Sustainability Through Comfort

The final piece of sustainability has to do with comfort, specifically how spaces contribute to the users’ overall happiness and mental health. TreanorHL is currently working on these principles by designing for thermal comfort with optimized passive solar heating with a double glass fa├žade. They are also creating open work environments with controlled acoustics, wood timber structures to create warmer, more visually comfortable spaces, and exposing the majority of spaces to daylight to assist the body’s circadian rhythm.

By following WELL practices, TreanorHL designs longer-lasting buildings where occupants can thrive.

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