Power of connection casino night event

Casino Night

Message From The President

I’m constantly reminded why space matters. A few weeks ago OEC hosted a Casino night at our downtown Boise office where we hosted influencers from architecture, design, commercial, real estate, and general contractors. Over 100 guests spent the evening connecting, having fun, eating and drinking, learning (how to play roulette and craps), networking, and transacting business. Not transacting business in the sense of selling chairs. Rather, transacting future business built on trust and personal connection.

OEC Casino Royale
Scott pictured with key talent from Steelcase who flew into Boise to celebrate the casino night event.
(Left to Right) Bonnie Carpenter, Deborah Warren & Anne Chillman

Space brings people together in a way that fosters trust and personal connection; this is something zoom can never do. Sure, zoom is a great tool for having meetings and sharing information. But there really is no replacement for space where you create shared work and personal experiences.

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