PetIQ Headquarters Building

Putting Down Roots

Pets are a big part of our lives in the U.S. They make us laugh, comfort us when we cry, share in our vacations, and hang with us at home. For many people, they are an irreplaceable part of the family. Pets make life better; that is why PETIQ is making it affordable and convenient for all pet parents to provide their pets with the care they need to live full, healthy lives. With the new PETIQ Headquarters in Eagle, Idaho, they will be able to do that like never before.


     Although PETIQ started in Eagle, Idaho, it has since expanded into forty-one states, with twelve hundred manufacturers and five hundred plus distributed medications. In 2017, the company went public and has been rapidly growing since with acquisitions and offerings. After such strong growth, the company decided to consolidate with a new headquarters. Because the founder and CEO, McCord Christensen, grew up in Eagle, he wanted to give back by putting down roots in his hometown. Fortunately, Eagle had everything that PETIQ needed to support the endeavor, and in 2019, Cole Architects began drawing the plans.

PETIQ Headquarters Rooftop Deck
PETIQ Headquarters Rooftop Deck

     Unfortunately, things did not progress as smoothly as planned. While the architects almost immediately hit the design spot on, the city of Eagle needed some persuasion to accept a bold, modern design in an otherwise quaint town. Through some heavy negotiating, PETIQ got its modern design, and Eagle got a brick-clad job generator on its main intersection. In the middle of the design negotiations, Covid hit the country. The shutdown was an interesting time for PETIQ. While they continued to grow on their product side, they had to shut down their service offerings. Due to the careful planning of their leadership team, they did not lay anyone off and decided to continue the build process.

The New Headquarters

     Fast forward to the present, and PETIQ has moved into its beautiful three-story building with a rooftop deck (pictured on the cover) and incredible office furnishings. The structure of the building is unique; with a 45-degree break near the centerline, the design capitalizes on the surrounding views. The executive offices and terrace enjoy excellent views of Bogus Basin to the east while staff enjoys waterside views on the patios accessible from the café. An atrium stairway connects all three floors. OEC designed the furniture on each floor to meet the needs of the occupying department. For example, the IT department has an open floorplan with flexible furniture options. In contrast, cubicles and sleek Volo Wall private offices take up a majority of the other spaces.

PETIQ Headquarters Executive Conference Room Table
Executive Conference Room Table

“We are entrenched here; our roots are here [in Eagle]. We wanted to give back, and this was one way we could give back immediately.”– Chad Longson

Giving Back

     While new employees begin to occupy the building, providing jobs is not the only way PETIQ is making a positive change in Eagle. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the mayor of Eagle shared his appreciation for PETIQ’s dedication to the city. Not only would the company’s headquarters improve the city’s commerce by providing jobs for its residents, but it was also helping the community in a way it was perfectly suited for: building a dog park. When the mayor called Chad Longson, the PETIQ VP of Real Estate, about the dog park, Christensen and the CFO, John Newland, jumped on board right away. “We are entrenched here; our roots are here [in Eagle]. We wanted to give back, and this was one way we could give back immediately.” -Chad Longson.

PETIQ Headquarters Staircase & Atrium
Staircase & Atrium

     With a new PETIQ Headquarters, and a new dog park bearing its name, the company will do what it does best. They will continue to grow by helping keep pets around the country happy and healthy.

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