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Best Commercial Window Coverings In Boise

Travis Palmer is an estimator at OEC. He didn’t intend to become the roller shade specialist, but when there was a need, Travis stepped up. Read below to learn his tips about choosing the right commercial window coverings for your business.

What kind of shades can I choose from?

Manual Shades

Let’s start with the basics. There is a wide range of shades and blinds with unique functions and price ranges. Your most cost-effective choice will be manual roller shades. These are a go-to choice for general contractors because they are cost effective. They require manual operation typically using a chain and if they are large shades, the weight of the shade can make the turning gear hard to operate.

Motorized Shades

The next step up in price and convenience is motorized shades. This shade is operated by a motor rather than a chain loop and is activated using a switch from somewhere in the room. Motorized shades are much easier for the user to operate, especially if the large window shades are fifteen to twenty feet high.

Automated Shades

A step up from motorized shades is automated shades. Different manufacturers will set up these shades differently, but the easiest way is to use a solar sensor that adheres to the glass on the interior face of the window. When that sensor detects sunlight, it will roll down the shades to account for the light shining in. Then when the sunlight is gone the shades will roll back up. These shades are often used in large high rise buildings where the shades are run by the building management team. The shades save these large buildings a significant sum on heating and cooling costs.

Solar Link

A top tier solar shade that OEC’s partner Mecho Shades carries, is their Solar Link option. This is the most energy efficient operating system that takes a 3d map of the building so it can tell if a building is blocked by the sun in any direction. It understands where shades need to be rolled down and where they done. It will even look at the weather forecast and other data to proactively move shades to control the heat inside the building.

Do you have shades that look residential?

If you are interested in a more residential looking shade, OEC’s partner, Graber specializes in faux wood blinds. They also carry roman shades, sliding panels, commercial blinds, and other roller shades including honeycomb shades. OEC can procure and install any of these products in your commercial space if that is the look you want.

How transparent should my commercial window coverings be?

The transparency of your blinds should be determined by your space. If your office has an open floor plan, you will want shades with more transparency because it brightens the space. In contrast, if you have mainly heads-down office spaces where people work for a sustained period of time, you want to block more of that solar value to keep the heat off your employees.

How do I clean my shades?

Once your commercial shades are installed you have a few cleaning options. They can be vacuumed periodically by the building’s cleaning team to remove dust and dander that gathers in them. Alternatively, the OEC Team can also expertly clean the shades on a regular basis.

What do I do if my shades break?

When commercial shades are in high-use areas it is common for them to get jammed. Mecho shades have a great warranty on both their mechanisms and their shade cloth. If your shades get jammed or torn, give the OEC team a call. They are knowledgeable, have a lot of experience, and are great at on the job problem solving. They can get your shades fixed and working smoothly again in no time.

Teleo Private Office
Teleo Private Office Blinds in 11th & Idaho Building

Why should I choose to get my commercial window coverings from OEC?

OEC can do just about everything with window coverings. That includes quoting, ordering, installing, and servicing shades. As partners with Mecho, it is easy to get specialty shades for options like pitch windows, trapezoids, and skylights. OEC also had a great relationship with WT Shades for all standard sizes with hard-to-beat prices.

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