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What To Know Before Your Office Relocation

Moving is a complicated process. Whether you are moving from your home or planning an office relocation, there are so many things to keep track of along the way. When you want to have a successful business move, it is vital to hire experts. Speaking of experts, OEC’s project manager, Riley Weber shares the questions you should be asking your office moving company to ensure you have the best moving experience possible.

When should I use a commercial moving company?

When moving an office from one location to a new one, it is best to enlist office moving services from a professional. Not only does a commercial mover know how to guarantee safe handling and transportation of your office, but they can also do it quickly and keep things organized. Keeping things organized is essential when working with a moving company. That is why OEC pays close attention to detail during any office relocation.

How does OEC organize an office move?

The first step in any move is finding out how much product a client needs to move and where. If the old office furniture does not fit in the new space, it is best to know ahead of time so the furniture can be replaced or reconfigured to fit.

For this reason, OEC involves a designer in the moving process early on. The designer can help space plan the new layout and keep track of all the furniture to be moved. Once the designer makes the plan, the OEC moving team will start packing up the old office for the move.

What should I use to move my office items?

One of the best things OEC offers their moving clients is large blue totes and proper labeling. Each employee gets one blue tote to pack all their personal belongings. Along with these totes are specific moving labels with building and room number blanks for the employees to write precisely where their tote needs to go. For the employee’s computers and other technology, OEC provides computer racks to transport all the technology, again using labels.

Will there be a point person on my business relocation?

OEC’s moving team works together to ensure everyone is on the same page. There will always be a lead installer on the project coordinating with the client’s onsite contact and working off the designer’s installation plans. The lead will share the game plan with the rest of his team before any items are moved. Before moving day, the team will review the furniture that needs to be disassembled, packed, and relocated before being rebuilt, unpacked, and reconfigured in its new space.

What if I am moving from multiple locations?

OEC has helped multiple organizations move from multiple buildings into one. For example, when Idaho Fish & Game built its new headquarters in downtown Boise, OEC moved employees from Boise, Nampa, and Caldwell into the new space. While multiple locations and long-distance moves make the relocation more complicated, OEC has the knowledge and expertise to handle the move professionally and timely.

What can go wrong if you don’t use a professional?

The move can go south quickly if you hire an inexperienced commercial relocation company. First off, they may damage the existing furniture or not know how to disassemble it. Because OEC’s moving team has extensive knowledge of commercial furniture, they know how to protect, handle, and build the furniture correctly.

Secondly, a mover may not know how to organize these large projects. Unlike moving houses, where one family does all the unpacking, an office sometimes has hundreds of employees who need their items moved. If any detail is off, you could disrupt that employee’s productivity for days to weeks.

Finally, movers without a team behind them will struggle to succeed. At OEC, the furniture team members have worked together for years and strictly follows the designer’s installation plans. They provide a full service, stress free, and organized move by communicate with clients well. When you hire OEC for office relocation services, you can breathe easy knowing they will make your complex move simple.

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