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Poised For Growth Again

When ICCU began serving its community in Boise, Idaho, as a small, state-chartered credit union, it had only 22 members and $300 in assets. Since then, ICCU boasts more than 400,000 members, holds over $6 billion in assets throughout Washington and Idaho, and advertises, “Your nearest branch in your pocket.” It is safe to say that the company has had to deal with growth more than once. With a data center in Chubbuck, a Member Service Center North in Coeur D Alene, and employees scattered throughout the Treasure Valley, it was time for ICCU to grow again. This time, it would plant roots in Meridian.

Property & Partners

CEO Kent Oram had been keeping an eye out for the right property for years. When the property became available, Oram walked the land and marked out where he wanted the building to go. Working very closely with Ball Ventures Ahlquist (BVA) and Tommy Ahlquist, ICCU turned the building into a reality. In 24-26 short months, ICCU went from purchasing the property to opening its doors. Between BVA’s work to expedite the entitlement process and Okland Construction’s exceptional speed, they completed the Member service Center West a year sooner than anticipated.

ICCU Workspaces

A Community Focus

For a bank dedicated to taking care of its clients, the project’s speed will be instrumental in its future growth. The building stands today at five stories tall and is in the Eagle View Landing development. It sits prominently next to the freeway and has an excellent view of the Boise foothills. While ICCU built the entirety of the space, it will share the building with other tenants. That is where the architects of the project, Lombard Conrad, really made this new building special.

Their goal all along was to represent the owner [ICCU] through the architecture. They also knew that ICCU would only be taking over about half of the building. So, they needed to represent ICCU and future tenants. One such space is the plaza area outside the building. It provides a place for tenants to gather outdoors and relax. The Plaza is also the perfect example of what it looks like to build a financial institution that not only values its community but is here for the long term.

“What I really like about working with ICCU is that they value the community that they go into. They are building financial institutions that are there for the long term and it shows.” – Mark Heazle, partner at Lombard Conrad

ICCU Training Room

Growing Together

There are also many exciting spaces within the ICCU offices. Floor to ceiling glass walls and doors span extensively throughout the executive offices. They provide both natural light and incredible views. Soundproof wall systems create privacy for telebanking operators who interact with clients virtually. Meanwhile, training rooms help employees grow their knowledge while various break rooms and ancillary spaces provide opportunities to interact. The building that was once on the horizon for ICCU now brings together teams from around the Treasure Valley. These teams specialize in mortgage and commercial lending, private client accounts, investments, business, and deposits. In the past, the executive team used to joke that they were poised for growth. After years of steady growth throughout Idaho and surrounding states, ICCU had nearly run out of room. However, after walking through the new Member Service Center West, CEO Kent Oram can confidently say, “We’re poised for growth again.”

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