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Message From The President


January 2021 Edition

When I sold my talent development company in 2018, my brother started asking me if I was ready to come work with him in the “furniture business.” At first, I smiled and politely declined. After the 7th or 8th time he brought it up, I agreed to have a discussion to consider it. Two years later, I find myself in the president role of a company that (as I have learned) does much more than provide office furniture. We build spaces employees love to work in. When you consider how important recruiting and retaining talent is to nearly every organization that exists, you can get a sense of the key role furniture can play in the process. In 2021, this key role has become even more important because now the office space is competing with the home remote-work experience. As many of us executives have seen, some employees like and even prefer working from home. The problem is, it’s really hard to build and grow a positive and lasting company culture while staring at your employees and coworkers through a webcam. I’m a firm believer that company culture isn’t built over zoom calls. But rather, great culture is built with intentional effort in the time between zoom calls—when employees have time to work and solve problems together, make friends, struggle, succeed, and have shared human experiences together in spaces that are built for the purpose.  

Scott Galloway

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