Introducing SPACES

OEC’s New Publication Featuring Original Content

We are excited to announce the release of SPACES, a new publication by OEC. SPACES is a collection of original content produced by OEC. The publication includes featured photos, industry news and advice articles, and most importantly, highlights of people and new projects. SPACES will be released every two months with new and original content focusing on commercial projects happening in the Northwest.

We will be releasing additional SPACES content through our social medias (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.) and weekly on our blog. Get an in depth look at SPACES by reading interviews with the business owners, project managers, architects, agents, and more. Watch our videos to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse into projects both complete and under construction.

Check out the First Edition

Check out the February Edition

In the first edition of SPACES you will see:

  • Featured photos from various projects around the area
  • A project highlight for the new ICCU Member Service Center West
    • A sneak peak inside the new 5 story ICCU building
    • A Q&A with ICCU CEO, Kent Orem
    • An interview with the ICCU architect, Mark Heazle, of Lombard Conrad
  • A company highlight for Cole Architects, designers of the Ronald McDonald House in Boise, and the new PETIQ building in Eagle
    • An interview with the owner of Cole Architects, Matt Huffield
    • A sneak peak of the new PETIQ building in Eagle
  • Advice on how to work from home without going crazy
  • 4 tips to make your workplace safe for employees

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