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Rebellion to Renaissance

Lombard/Conrad Creates An Inspiring New Office

One fateful day in 1972, architects Joe Conrad and Ernie Lombard were fired. Why? Because their employer found their logo doodles for the firm they planned to start. Unfortunately for their employer, his actions forced are rebellious partnership between the two that created the successful Boise architecture firm, Lombard/Conrad. Since its beginning, the firm has had three generations. The third being today’s eclectic group of leaders who all bring different approaches, strengths, and passions. It is this diversity that has in large part created the success and sophistication the firm now enjoys.

Diversity In The Office

This diversity also includes the kind of projects Lombard/Conrad designs. The firm focuses primarily on public architecture, interior design, and planning. That includes healthcare, justice, public safety, education, and commercial design. Their impressive portfolio includes justice buildings throughout the Intermountain West region. It also boasts the Boise State Center for Visual Arts. Soon to come, CTE facilities for the College of Eastern Idaho and Idaho State University will join its portfolio.

I think that the care we have for our projects is different. We are careful in choosing the projects that give everyone a reason to work hard. They are public projects that benefit our communities.” Alexis Townsend: Principal & President

Creation Of Lombard/Conrad’s New Office

Recently the firm tackled a project that was meaningful to everyone, the creation of their new office. Their old, three-story building no longer supported the culture of the firm. The physical separation made it extremely difficult to collaborate between studios. So, it was time for a change when their lease was up. However, finding a building proved difficult thanks to their long list of criteria. Not only did they have to locate a building with onsite parking in downtown Boise (two essential criteria), but the structure had to have architectural significance. After a lot of searching, they discovered the perfect building on West Washington Street. To their delight, learned that it was built in 1972, the same year the company was founded.

Steelcase Workstations
Open Office Featuring Steelcase

Leaning Into Their Mission

After their incredible find, the firm’s partners quickly turned their attention to conceptual layout and interior design. With the help of their in-house architects and interior designers, they created a space. It has room for growth and helps motivate and inspire employees to feel like they can achieve whatever they want. Their new office lends itself to their company culture of creating a safe, open, welcoming workspace. It also supports professional development and life away from the office. With this culture in place, it is the goal of Lombard/Conrad to lean further into its mission of enriching and inspiring the human spirit through architecture in public spaces.

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