Dealing With Surprises: Message From The President

About a year ago my dad went to the pet store and picked up three female
bunnies. He has a bunny pen in the backyard (he calls it Bunnytopia) where he enjoys feeding and playing with the bunnies. This summer he had a surprise, well, make that seven surprises. At some point baby bunnies started emerging from the covered area of Bunnytopia. Apparently one of the bunnies purchased at the pet store was indeed a male and that bunny has been living his best life for some time now.

The commercial interiors industry has seen quite a few surprises emerge from “Construction Bunnytopia” during the past year. We have all been busy with our projects and then out of the rabbit hole has popped supply chain disruption, inflation, the great resignation, employees wanting to work from home instead of the office, and most recently recession.

What do we do about it? Well, I suppose we can follow my dad’s plan of action. Step 1. Smile and enjoy the baby bunnies. Step 2. Jump in the pen and catch the male bunny and move him somewhere else. Step 3. Pick the favorite baby bunnies and keep them. Sell the rest back to the pet store for a good return on investment.

In business terms I suppose we could say 1. Observe and understand business challenges. 2. Solve problems, which might involve strategic talent and personnel changes. 3. Be agile and be ready to implement plan B in order to help our bottom line.

Happy problem solving,

Scott Galloway

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