pursue excellence

Pursuing Excellence

Message from the President

Last month I gave a brief clinic on financial freedom that focused on getting out of debt. The basic concept is delaying pleasure today in return for greater rewards in the future. In my clinic I focused on
paying down our debt now so we can enjoy financial freedom tomorrow. While we are paying down debt, we need to make sacrifices such as no fast food, cutting up credit cards, and curbing vacations. I’ve been thinking about relating this to one of our company values and I think the value that relates the most is pursuing excellence. Excellence is not something that comes easily or by taking shortcuts. Excellence is achieved by hard work, persistence, and following a well-planned strategy. I invite each of you to think about an aspect of your lives where you can start pursuing excellence. This could be financial freedom, health or fitness, job performance, or perhaps an improved familial relationship. In each case take some time to consider what you need to give up today in order to get something better tomorrow. It will be worth it. Good luck, I’ll see you at the top.

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