The Stars of Hybrid Technology

Three technology solutions giving power back to employees

In the last couple of years, the way we work has changed dramatically. Now work from home solutions have become center stage. However temperamental some of these leading solutions were, they kept the show going and have become a part of the new way we do business. But the show is changing as employees once again fill their office seats. The new rising stars of Hybrid technology are emerging with the motto “Empower the team, not the tech.” Let’s meet some of these Hybrid stars.

Investing In Virtual Meeting Software

Perhaps the most widely known and favorite of the work-from-home era solutions are software programs. A couple we all love to hate are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These, and platforms like them, have allowed us to connect with clients, coworkers, family, and friends over the last couple of years when we could not meet in person. Though temperamental, they have been so instrumental in our new work styles that they are now an integral part of how we conduct business in the office and at home. When you can’t make a large company meeting in person, you can jump on Teams. Want a quality connection with a client? Hop on Zoom. From now on, you will see successful offices investing in technology that enable easy access to this software from anywhere, at any time.

DeskWizard Technology: Stars of Hybrid

Reserving the Spaces You Need

In Hybrid offices, flexibility is a buzzword. It refers not only to the physical space employees inhabit but also their schedules. With employees occupying office space at different times or days of the week, ensuring they have what they need is critical to their productivity. Room and desk reservation systems play an essential role in empowering employees to easily find and reserve a place to work in an office with shared workplaces. An employee coming in for an important meeting can reserve a room to collaborate with team members ahead of time. After the meeting, the employee can reserve a desk for heads-down work rather than going home to a distracting environment. These two reservations systems blend the physical office with digital booking technology to accommodate that all-important flexibility

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Power Wherever You Need It

With great power comes great flexibility. Working wherever you want is great until you need to charge a device and there is no outlet in sight. A great solution to this problem is a freestanding power outlet designed to lay nicely underneath the carpet. This simple system provides power to any space – whether in a café or classroom – allowing under-utilized real estate to work harder. With single circuit and dual circuit technology, building owners can distribute power throughout ancillary and conference space. They can even power larger applications. Flexible power systems are making their way into commercial spaces to put the power back into your hands, literally.

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