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BHH: Building Fantastic Communities

Boise Hunter Homes is dedicated to building quality homes in fantastic communities, and its new office in Eagle is helping them do it. Founded in 2007 by Jim and Jan Hunter, Boise Hunter Homes (BHH) started as a custom home builder with a handful of employees and has grown into a large-scale land developer and community builder. Today the Hunters are joined by their two sons, Travis and Cody, and have around sixty employees. BHH has experienced substantial growth over the last two years. With the effects of Covid encouraging people to move to Idaho, BHH has grown to keep up with demand.

All Under One Roof

The new office is the fourth location BHH has had in the Eagle River Development. At one point, the company had space in three different buildings, which made coordinating schedules a logistical nightmare. While many businesses chose to vacate the office at the onset of Covid, BHH doubled down and decided to get an even bigger office. The collaborative nature of their work made it essential for them to get everyone under the same roof. Rather than build, they jumped on the chance to purchase their new building when it came up for sale. Things got even better when they found out OEC did the previous TI and could help reconfigure the space so that everyone got a great office. “Michelle (OEC Workplace Consultant) understood our vision and helped us execute it. From the design and TI’s to the furnishings, it was a one-stop-shop.” -Travis Hunter.

An Open Atmosphere

The two-story building is designed circularly, with offices rimming the exterior walls. By using Steelcase privacy walls, the offices remain private while also allowing light into the core of the building.

“Being in the space boosts your energy, it is a lot lighter and brighter, and the Steelcase system creates an open atmosphere rather than people hiding in their offices. Seeing people’s faces is a big part of our culture. So much of what we do is face-to-face with employees and outside consultants. The whole environment is very welcoming, and our staff loves it.”

Randi Meredith: BHH CFO
Boise Hunter Homes Large Conference Room
Steelcase Series 2 Chairs & Steelcase Groupwork Table

Cradle To Grave Development

It is important that the staff loves the space because they have a lot of work to do in it. Developing communities involves taking a project from the cradle to the grave. BHH buys land, entitles it, develops and designs communities, then offers several different house plans to build. What they offer their customers is an all-inclusive financing option. Rather than buying the land then separately financing the build, BHH’s customers put down earnest money on a lot and close on the finished home with a conventional loan. Not only is this easier for customers, but when they give their earnest money, the price of their home project is locked-in regardless of price increases.

Delivering On Lifestyle

However, BHH recommends itself in other ways too. “We want to build fantastic communities that provide the lifestyle people are looking for. They are not just buying a home; they are buying into a community. We pride ourselves in our amenities like organic produce, walking trails, pools, basketball courts, and more. The amenities are a driving reason why people live here. We want to deliver communities with the exact lifestyle people are looking for and houses that meet all of their wants and needs.” -Travis Hunter.

Working With Cities

Creating these fantastic communities requires working well with different cities and municipalities.

“One of the best parts of our job is
working with cities. It is really fun to be a part of helping the town grow in a positive way. We aren’t a national or even regional company. We live and breathe the treasure valley, have planted our roots here, love helping the town grow in the right way.”

Travis Hunter
BHH family
Left to Right: Travis Hunter, Jim Hunter, Cody Hunter

Working With Family

It is no wonder that BHH focuses on creating great communities for families when it is a family-run business. “Working with my family is really fun. We often spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our family, so when you work with family, it helps you invest in those relationships more. We can rely on each other’s strengths and diversify our work.” – Travis Hunter. With great working relationships, a beautiful new office, and plenty of work on the horizon, Boise Hunter Homes is looking forward to growing with the community for decades to come.

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