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Technology Creating Flexibility

Work looks different than it did a few years ago when employees were practically nailed to their desks at the office. That is not the case anymore. Today we are experiencing a radical change in how we work, and it all has to do with flexibility. Woven tightly into the fabric of this newfound flexibility is technology. Our ability to incorporate technology into our private and professional lives has given us incredible freedom. Lets dive into some of the ways Pivot North Architecture is doing just that.

Allison Furlan: flexibility
Allison Furlan
Senior Interior Designer
Pivot North Architecture

Communal Spaces

Senior Designer at Pivot North Architecture, Allison Furlan, has seen many changes in how her firm designs multifamily, condos, and apartment buildings, and a lot of it revolves around technology.

“With more remote workers and “digital nomads” than ever, creating co-working or communal spaces in residential
buildings has increased.”

Allison Furlan

They are even starting to design built-in desks in individual units. However, no co-working environment is complete without plugins. “We are seeing a lot more outlets in general and convenience outlets. They are no longer your standard duplex outlets; they have USB ports and more.” There is also an increase in outlets floating on the floor and built into furniture because people plug in multiple devices to work.

Wi-Fi & Smart Systems

Fiber high-speed internet is making its way into these buildings to support all the devices. However, laptops and phones are not the only devices coming online. Wi-Fi-enabled appliances and security systems are also new to these buildings. “We are seeing a trend toward controlling your fridge, lights, even door access with your phone. We are trying to predict and then design for what life is going to look like in five or ten years.”

Mailrooms, Lockers, Fitness & Parking

Other notable changes to these buildings include requests for larger mailrooms. People are ordering so many items online that there isn’t enough room to receive everything. New offerings like Amazon and Tide lockers are becoming sought-after amenities where residents can pick up all their packages and even their freshly dry-cleaned clothes without stepping a foot outside. Expanded fitness centers with on-demand services, bike parking, and Evie charging stations for electric cars are growing in popularity. “I feel like there has been a shift with technology and sustainability, and it is good to see developers using these efficient products even though they are more expensive upfront.”

Trends In Space

Many organizations are experiencing a hybrid model in their offices, while others are learning they no longer need to occupy a physical workspace to be successful. This new trend is something that Office Evolution has seen coming for years. Lets hear what they have to say about these unique workspaces.

Melissa Brodt: flexibility
Melissa Brodt
Business Center Manager
Office Evolution

Office Memberships

Three-year-old Office Evolution in downtown Boise knows something about flexibility as well. The company lives and breathes creating exceptional office spaces for hybrid or small business clients. Startups that don’t want to sign a long-term lease in a building or companies with hybrid or remote employees can get a membership with Office Evolution (OE). Companies can get customizable spaces, access to co-working spaces, conference rooms, and more through the different membership options. The key to the membership is flexibility.

Wi-Fi & Power

Creating an office for a flexible workplace is not easy without great technology. That is why OE started by getting one gigabyte of symmetric Wi-F to make their connection nothing but fast.

Privacy, Ergonomics, & Large Gathering Spaces

Another highly used item in their space is a soundproof phone booth. In a co-working business lounge, members get Another highly used item in their space is a soundproof phone booth. In a co-working business lounge, members get important calls, but they don’t have a confidential space to talk. With the soundproof booth, clients have the privacy they need when they need it. That space is now being used not only for calls but also for virtual meetings. Additionally, with a new workspace center coming soon in Eagle, OE will be incorporating larger gathering spaces, micro-offices, and dedicated workspaces into the floorplan. By adding these high demand spaces into the Eagle location, it will allow OE to serve remote workers, business owners on a budget, and the growing need for individual workspaces and ever-changing needs for teams and companies looking for ways to collaborate and work more effectively.

Staying Flexible

As Boise grows, startups are popping up, big businesses are moving into town, employees are traveling, and companies are hiring for remote positions. Each of these clients can utilize a flexible office environment. One place Business Center Manager, Mellissa Brodt, has seen a particular need for flexibility is in remote work.

“I’ve seen employers hiring remote positions more frequently, and while the job is great, people are finding out that the home doesn’t suit their needs. Here, a company can secure a space for a team gathering, away from home client meeting, or remote employee.”

Melissa Brodt

No matter the company’s situation, the most important thing for them to do is remain flexible. That will allow them to meet the needs of their employees and grow where they need to go.

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